Body Awareness

Body Awareness involves Body Image as well as Proprioception. Body Image,is the picture of yourself you see in your head. The majority of people need to work on creating a healthier body image. It is unfortunate but we live in a society where ‘Image’ is important. I agree it is, but a “Healthy” body image […]

Keeping The Blade Sharp

“Keeping The Blade Sharp” is a practice I embrace as a StrongFirst Instructor. It means practicing what I preach and not letting my own training go to the wayside as I get busier with new clients. It allows me to stay in touch with the experience that I am putting my athletes through. It holds […]

‘MED’s 4 Sleep

These are your Sleep MED’s … Sleep Factors : Dark Cold Quiet Duration Timing of: Movement Nutrition Supplements Jet Lag : Light Movement Nutrition Mindset : Reduce stress-stimulus Prime mind for your morning / positive affirmations “Remembering” to help fall asleep ——————————————————- Sleep Factors for setting up a Sleep Factory Keep your bedroom as dark […]

‘MEDs’ 4 Mindfulness

MINIMAL EFFECTIVE DOSES that will keep you healthy and happy 1. Movement 2. Nutrition 3. Mindfulness MINDFULNESS ’Super’ Mindful Breath Identify Your Emotion Check-In With Your Future Self Smile, Move, Talk or Try Something New The term Mindfulness is thrown around a lot these days, but what does mindfulness even mean? In defining something it […]

Principle Based Training: Strength

1) Safety First (2) Strength has a greater Purpose (3) Tension is Strength (4) Relaxation is Strength 5) Perfect Technique (6) Long Rest (7) Simple (8) Sinister Strength Principles If you follow these principles you will ALWAYS progress. Because you will always have in the back of your head the reason you are training – making […]