Train / Eat / Sleep

IN THE GYM, You Train, you Work Hard, you go home… right? Unfortunately that is not how it works for most of us who are not professional athletes. The difference between being a ‘professional’ versus being a ‘high-level athlete’ is that high-level athletes still have to go to work! Whereas Pro’s job is to Train […]

‘MEDs’ 4 Nutrition

MINIMAL EFFECTIVE DOSES that will keep you healthy and happy 1. Movement 2. Nutrition 3. Mindfulness NUTRITION Eat as organic as possible, as local as possible and as in season as possible. <> Eat 3 servings of cold-water fish a week. <> Don’t eat more than 3 servings of red meat a week. <> Eat […]

Principle Based Training

This article is about what I do as “The Better Movements Specialist” This article will be as much about my training philosophy and coaching style – as it is about the end goal / vision of my business.   “The Socrates of Training” Sometimes it is better to ‘Work In’ than it is to ‘Work […]

(almost) Everything You Need To Know About ‘the Anabolic Window’…

Editors note: This article will address a specific question, and – at times (as Tyler’s style dictates) can get a bit wordy and possibly confusing. The question involves the physical state of ‘Anabolism’. You will read about numerous applications for enhancing muscle growth and repair as well asĀ  some ‘myth-debunking.’ So stay tuned! Tyler’s question […]