Nutrition for your Teeth

Hello my friends, This is a distillation of multiple sources on the topic of oral hygiene and tooth decay Catchy title : Dental Denial; the true story behind what causes cavities and what to do about it   Source one: Dr. Ramiel Nagel – Author of “Cure Tooth Decay: remineralize cavities and repair your teeth […]


FEAR manifests itself in many different ways; –  the fear of failure – fear of rejection – of reality – losing face – pain/sacrifice – commitment – self-doubt – Control – ETC…. However, When you know you are MORE than the positions or titles you hold, you are truly FREE. Free to exercise free will. […]


  My Personal / Organic Iron’s / LatsOn Training’s PURPOSE To help others move better so that they can live their lives pain free and so that they are able to interact more easily with the world in general. I see Strength and Mobility (and the process of achieving them) as a way of making […]

Do GENES actually control our lives

The author is no scientist, just an admirer of the scientific method 🙂 It is still taught in school that genes control almost all of physical and mental actions. but genes can be turned on or off – that is genes can either be expressed, or not. Therefore they don’t in fact control themselves but […]