Nutrition – 5 myths dispelled

> Tyler Lees-Schmut (Author)   There’s so much interest in nutrition these days as a topic with such abundant information, there seems to be more and more confusion and over-complication on the matter.      One of the sub-sections of nutrition that people have the potential to get too caught up in is supplementation.  Most […]

Buddhist Quotes for the Week

5 Buddhist Inspired Quotes to help get you through the work week. Take your time contemplating each one of these. Repeat them everyday, and allow them to guide your thoughts and actions. ________________________________________________________________________ “WHEN YOU ARE MASTER OF YOUR BODY, YOUR WORDS AND YOUR MIND, YOU WILL ENJOY PERFECT SERENITY.” – Shabkar “THE PATH OF […]

Year End 2016

Hello All! Thank you for a great first year of Organic Iron. I began thins Blog in January of this year with the intent of writing a post every week. In general I was pretty good, However – I missed the last 3 weeks … There are many excuses; new business, new clients, less time, […]

Posture during Mobility

Hello! This is going to be quick. Posture – as in the proper alignment of your joints – is IMPERATIVE if you want to do any movement efficiently, and this includes ‘mobility’ movements ___________________________________________________ Assume mobility is posture specific as soon as compensation mechanism kick in the effectiveness of a ‘mobility’ exercise decreases this is […]