from wiki: Agency may either be classified as unconscious, involuntary behavior, or purposeful, goal directed activity (intentional action). An agent typically has some sort of immediate awareness of their physical activity and the goals that the activity is aimed at realizing. In ‘goal directed action’ an agent implements a kind of direct control or guidance […]

Body Awareness

Body Awareness involves Body Image as well as Proprioception. Body Image,is the picture of yourself you see in your head. The majority of people need to work on creating a healthier body image. It is unfortunate but we live in a society where ‘Image’ is important. I agree it is, but a “Healthy” body image […]

Ever Day Movement

These are movements or exercises that you should practice every day. There are literally an infinite amount of these movements out there, so you will eventually have to choose which ones work best for you. Stick with about 10 different movements for 2 or 3 months. You MUST switch up the movements every quarter in […]

Key Performance Indicators

Are the critical (key) indicators of progress toward an intended result. The ‘intended result’ in this case is physical performance. KPI’s are not only valuable for determining progress, but also for determining workout “readiness.” Sometimes over-training can occur due to the other stresses of life. In this case, pushing through a workout is not going to make […]