How to Become an Extraordinary Person (HAPPINESS and FLOW series #1.2)

How to Become an Extraordinary Person – Continued: “Improving Quality of Life” ==v==v==v==v== Having a ‘complex’ personality is always a Bad thing. Being Extraordinary (as we have been using the term) is the result of two basic but essential mental processes: Integration and Differentiation. Differentiation Movement toward uniqueness or specialization – and towards separating oneself […]

Memory and Learning

MEMORY plays a vital role in the learning process, Today I want to challenge you to think about how this concept applies to the way we learn how to move.  Wrap your mind around memory > The Storage of Memories is more or less a passive process through which we retain information in the brain, […]

Weeks Worth of Mindfulness

With the goal of centering your mind – use these 7 Quotes, allow them to guide you on your path to a compassionate life. When frustrated or confronted with a problem – Allow these thoughts to direct your actions. Settle into your own natural rhythmic breathing, and begin. -*- “Patience and Tolerance should not be […]

Hip Flexor Health

————————————————————————————————————————————– Let’s Start With Some Basic Anatomy The hip flexor group is a group of muscles that attach from either your lumbar spine pelvis femur (thigh bone)  > These muscles are vital in maintaining a strong, mobile and properly aligned low back and hip girdle.  Composition The hip flexors are comprised of the Iliopsoas group […]