Week in Review: “Ancestral Athlete “+ HIIT + Grease the Grove + Strength + Stamina = ‘FIT’

‘Week In Review’ – ‘FITNESS’ This is a condensed version of my research into mastering movement, health and life. This was also posted on the members only LatsOn Training Facebook group. Ancestral Athlete model “We didn’t have refrigerators, preservatives, microwaves, fast food or pizza delivery … we’d wander onto the plains with a weapon or […]

BuddhaBlog: 5 Quotes To Cultivate Your Mind (Last week of April)

5 Inspiring Quotes Take your time contemplating each of these. Repeat them, Allow them to influence how you interact with the world. Enjoy! _________________________________________________________________ – 1. – BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO CORRECT OTHERS, DO SOMETHING HARDER: FIX YOURSELF – Dhammapada — 2. — DO NOT COMPLAIN OR HAGGLE OVER ADVERSITY. SUFFERING WILL NEVER END IF ONE […]

Move the ‘Body’ to move the ‘Weight’:

HOW: IMPROVING YOUR PROFICIENCY IN BODY WEIGHT MOVEMENTS, WILL: IMPROVE YOUR PROFICIENCY IN MOVING EXTERNAL LOADS. _____________________________________________ The Human Body – evolved for thousands of years before ending up on its two hind legs. This bipedal transition allowed us to start manipulating external objects with our free hands, which was the first step toward technology […]