Fall Prevention

THIS ONE IS FOR MY GRANDMA! lol 🙂   I am doing research for an Ebook Series that will be out later next year involving the topics of Posture, Vision, Breathing and Balance, and how they all (should) work together, In a Basic Bio-mechanics textbook by Susan Hall I found a hidden gem of information […]

Do GENES actually control our lives

The author is no scientist, just an admirer of the scientific method 🙂 It is still taught in school that genes control almost all of physical and mental actions. but genes can be turned on or off – that is genes can either be expressed, or not. Therefore they don’t in fact control themselves but […]

Training – Methods vs. Applications

This was previously a Facebook Post on my business Page, attached to this post was the article by Eric Cressey that turned me onto this subject. Something worthy of note near the end of his post, Cressey urges the reader to improve their ability to think critically; to think of the purpose or reason for […]

Attention and Human Performance

ATTENTION! ATTENTION; read all about it… … literally!   Definition of ATTENTION: – the ability to process environmental information * Areas where ATTENTION can be placed: 1) directed to external event 2) directed to internal sensory information 3) directed at internal mental operations * How to train Attention clearly identify a main focus slowly add […]