How to Improve Reaction Time

Ever wonder how professional athletes get so good at their sport? There has been plenty of debate about this, for simplicity lets just say it’s about 50% genetic 50% good training/hard work. You might think that an ability like reaction time is purely genetic, but there is mounting evidence that you can improve your ‘reaction-time-ability’. […]

Workout Organization Principles 2 :

HELLO FRIENDS This is a continuation of an article Series; 1) StrongFirst: Principle Based Strength. 2) Workout Organization Principles 1 : mobility, reactivity, speed, skill. 3) Strength Principles part 1 & part 2 This Post will explain the last 4 points of the StrongFirst ‘S‘ : principles of workout organization 5) Power  6) Strength  7) […]

“Over Head Press Rules”

Hello Comrades this post is about Rules, the Rules of overhead pressing.   The Over Head Press Rules! The OH Press is my favorite exercise for both health and strength reasons.   Health reasons: if you never lift your arms up past your chest, you will loose the overhead range of motion needed for a […]