Hello friends!   Changing it up a bit – What the height of civilization could look like, + a multi-launch approach to space travel Enjoy!   SPACE TRAVEL Send multiple ships into orbit that can connect once in space. Some containing food, some with resources and fuel – others with people and necessary equipment. Send some […]


Good Day Good People,   This is why humans need to move : in search of perfection and beauty   Over two thousands of years ago – hundreds of years before Christ – the Gods spoke to us through an oracle, at a place called Delphi. ‘Know thy self’ and ‘Nothing in excess’ : these words […]

Personal Out Reach

HELLO My Friends! What do YOU want in a Fitness Instructor? What grinds your gears, what moves your mind? What motivates your soul? For me it is the constant search, the never ending questions whose answers are forever on the horizon. The reasons for my desire to know as much as possible are two fold: the […]