Strength Principles part 2

Hello again, This is a continuation of a two previous articles, StrongFirst: Principle Based Strength & Strength Principles part 1 This post is about the last 4 points of the StrongFirst ‘S‘ – Strength Principles: 5.Perfect Technique 6.‘Long’ Rest 7.Simple 8.Sinister     5) Perfect Technique every rep, every sets, every time…. technique, technique, technique […]

Strength Principles part 1

HELLO FRIENDS This is a continuation of a previous article, StrongFirst: Principle Based Strength. It will explain the first 4 points of the StrongFirst ‘S‘ : Strength Principles 1) Safety First  /  2) Strength has a greater Purpose  /  3) Tension is Strength (Hard Style) /  4) Relaxation is Strength   Strength Principles Use this visual as […]

StrongFirst: Principle Based Strength

Hello everyone! This is an Epic Post about 3 different but interwoven subjects: StrongFirst Principles Tim Ferris Podcast; Pavel Interview ( I borrow bits of their ideas and create new monsters out of the pieces) StrongFirst “Best of”‘ Strength Exercises 8 Points of the StrongFirst ‘S’: Use this Visual to help make your strength practice more […]

Maintain the Squat

Hello my friends,   Have you ever heard Gray Cook say; “maintain the squat, train the deadlift”? why should we listen to this? – keep reading to find out 🙂   The Bottom Position of the Squat is one of the first positions our bodies learn as babies. How infants developed physically start with gripping, reaching, […]